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Learn How To Make More Money While Helping People Live Healthier Lives.

Would you like to have your own online business making an impact in the lives of others.... and get paid well for it? Have you experienced your own health journey and want to make a difference in others lives?

What if you could...

  • Guide & inspire others in living a holistic lifestyle and seeing real changes in their life.
  • Have a job that brings you joy and pays you your true earning potentional.
  • Help others transition their lives and experience wellness.
  • Get paid just by recommending Young Living products you are passionate about... (and get a discount for yourself)
  • Create a business that will allow you time freedom, flexibility and prosperity while making a difference in the world.
  • And what if you didn't have to invest thousands of dollars to get started.

Sounds amazing right?

This is exactly what I teach through my Natural Health Educator apprenticeship program.

Hi! I'm Hethir Rodriguez

I'm a natural health entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others to create more health, wealth and time so they can live more fulfilled lives. This includes building a business that you love.

Over the past 14 years that I have been an entrepreneur, I have experienced the blessings that owning your time can provide. Everyday I get to do what fills my heart and make a difference in others lives.

Now my passion and purpose has evolved to teaching others how to start their own businesses as Young Living Brand Partners and do what I have done so they too can experience the freedom and abundance entrepreneurship can bring.

In my apprenticeship program I give you all of the tools you need to build your own successful business, part-time or full-time.

There is zero-fluff. You get out of this what you put into it. All the tools and support will be provided.

Being a Brand Partner with Young Living simply means you share what you are passionate about and recommend your favorite products....

In my apprenticeship program, I teach you week by week how to create a business as a Natural Health Educator using Young Living essential oils, supplements and natural therapies.

Having a coach and mentor will make all the difference and save you time as you learn the areas that are most important for building a successful business.

Natural health education, personal development and business skills like online marketing + your passion and consistent action are the formula for success.

Young Living's Brand Partner program allows you to create a little bit of income or go big and create a business that can become your full time career.

You'll have the tools, product eduction, business systems and mind-set tools to build a business from scratch. When you join me as a Brand Partner with Young Living, I will guide you every step of the way on how to become a Natural Health Educator.

If you are passionate about natural health and living a holistic lifestyle you are in the right place! This is an opportunity you will not want to miss.

I'm Personally Inviting You To Apply For My Program - And See If We Are A Good Fit!

Common Questions About My Apprenticeship

How will I learn to become a Natural Health Educator?

My apprenticeship program consists of two major parts. The first is the Natural Health Educator Academy where you will learn how to empower and educate others on their wellness journey using Young Living products and programs. The second part of the program is personal mentorship with me where I help to mentor you as you take action and are building your business.

What is Young Living Brand Partner?

A Young Living Brand Partner is someone who has partnered with Young Living to educate and support customers through using Young Living's high quality essential oil infused products.

Can you give me more details on the Natural Health Educator Academy and what's taught?

Sure! The Natural Health Educator Academy is my training program that takes you from a newbie Brand Partner and helps you start your business step-by-step. In the Natural Health Educator Academy you have access to videos that train you on everything you will need to start a business as a Natural Health Educator. From product education, how to market yourself, how to hold classes, how to work with clients and customers, mindset and personal development and so much more.

You will learn how to use essential oils, supplements, herbs and lifestyle changes to make a difference in many different health areas. You will see the world through new eyes and be inspired with all of the tools and options you can provided for your customers. In the Academy you will also learn how to market your business online and in person. You can build whichever way you prefer.

How will I earn money as a Natural Health Educator?

As a Brand Partner with Young Living you will be paid for the products that you sell to your customers every month that they order. Very similar to affiliate marketing, but with way more business support, the highest quality products, higher pay and residual income.

How much time do I need?

It depends on your goals and expectations as it will take time and consistency to build your business. A bare minimum of 5 hours a week would be the lowest amount of time that is realistic to get started very part-time.

Can I do this if I don't know anything about marketing?

Yes, that is what this apprenticeship program is for. I teach you how to create a business as a Natural Health Educator that impacts others lives. I take my 14 years of experience building my businesses and Young Living's quality products and show you how to build your own business in a fraction of the time and money it took me.

How long does it take to see success?

It depends on how quickly you get started working on your business. I give you the systems and tools to begin taking action weeks after you start training. You can spend as little or as much time on your business depending on your goals and lifestyle.

I am not sure if I want to start a business, but definitely want to learn all of this for my own personal health journey, can I join?

While experiencing your own personal health journey is where I start every apprenticeship, this specific program is really focused on creating a business as a Natural Health Educator and not for those just wanting to only work on their personal health. Feel free to join one of my natural health transformation programs for personal wellness and I would be happy to support you there.

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